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Aug 06

Daily Prompt…Getting It Write

Daily Prompt…Getting It Write

Oh, yes, what could be sadder than a brilliant writer with no place to go?

Don’t ask me, I’m always going somewhere, but I’m not always brilliant.

Welcome to the world of the literary geniuses then….

I’ve blogged about ‘writers block’ and I’ve been a victim.

(Insert your own words here, please…)

(Insert yor own paragraph….)

What? The dog has to go out?

I just rememembered I don’t have a dog.…

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Jul 21

Confessions of a Funeral Crasher

Confessions of a Funeral Crasher

I crashed a funeral today.

Perhaps ‘crashed’ is the wrong word when at the same time, it is actually, absolutely perfect.

I’m not in the habit of doing so, and I kept a respectful distance but I felt I wanted to be there to show the grieving family support.

A child died tragically after being hit by a car.

She was only seven.

It was an ‘important’ funeral. Not only because of the tragic…

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Jul 17

Over Dosing on the Smell of Paper

Over Dosing on the Smell of Paper


I love the smell of libraries and used book stores. Not just because I’m a writer but because those smells indicate that communication through the written word is one of the most ancient art forms out there.

When I first saw the electronic books with their bright screens and sterile packaging, I fell into a slight depression.

Is this what…

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Jul 10

Parental Advisory in Effect

Parental Advisory in Effect

Sometimes, like most writers I imagine, I find myself really having to hold back because of political correctness, shades of pink and imagined threats from unknown sources.

But lately, I’m not so worried about the above.

I’ve seen a lot of weird stuff in my life, some of it this week.

Like yesterday, this family of rather dubious origins was walking ahead of their son who was trying to keep up.…

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Jul 09

Swimming With Sharks


Believe it or not, today I went to the Ripley’s Aquarium.

It was a long walk from the subway and an even longer line-up awaited me.

I hate crowds, and almost went home, but decided after circling the block twice that I had made it this far so I was in it for the long haul.

The line moved quickly, especially after these people butted in front…

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Jun 29

Daily Prompt: True Grit; By the Dots…

Daily Prompt: True Grit; By the Dots…



I tend to use those crazy little dots….alot!

Don’t even know what they are called. Does anyone?

But that’s not what I want to talk about in here…

As soon as I dragged my sorry butt out of bed this morning, I knew exactly what kind of day I was going to have.

It was going to be a busy one…

I headed down to the World Pride parade which was…

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Jun 25
Weekly Photo Challenge: Between This and That
Jun 17

No Longer Alone


Open Letter To Me, Myself and I:

Dear Us:

Once again, we face another day of traffic noise, sirens, barking dogs, meowing, tripping over invisible objects, losing keys, phone chargers, things that go bump in the night and during the day including: drumming, bass guitars, random shouting, coughing and swearing under our breath at things dropped…

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Jun 15
Favorite Missteak?

Ummm, let me get back to u on this. As far as I know, I’m perphect.

Favorite Missteak?

Ummm, let me get back to u on this. As far as I know, I’m perphect.

Jun 09

Life Imitating Art


As per the daily prompt, which reminds me of that old TV show Night Gallery where stories are told through paintings.

The one I remember all these years later is about a man who breaks into the art museum, not to steal, but just to look at the art. One day he is being chased by security and standing in the dark under a painting he somehow wills…

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